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After experiencing high speed in motorcycle racing, I knew high speed was my thing. I felt the same adrenaline when I saw videos of people jumping off a mountain using only their bodies, at the time no idea if this was real or even possible. I went to PCV Moorsele where I did a tandem jump on my birthday on the 17th of December. My life would never be the same again...

After about 120 skydives, I found someone who was willing to initiate me into the amazing world of BASE jumping.

Only because I would (at that time nothing else as BASEjumping) Ludo DC helped me out. It was the time BASEschools are not so easy to find as now. 200 jumps would have been better and most importantly my skydiving training could have been more in the BASE direction. You can already train a lot out of the plane in preparation or safe BASEjumps. Especially under canopy. I will tell you all about it! After my 200th skydive I could finally start with my First Fly Course wingsuit, oh boy... it went sooo wrong! I tumbled vertically down and even had to pull headdown... I practised my body position all weekend with Eli Gerris who filmed me. Seeing is believing!

After my first successful flight at the end of the weekend I was in love, nothing else mattered!!! Now, after nearly 1000 skydives and 3000 wingsuitBASE jumps, and reaching a world record, it’s time, time to pass on my passion to everyone who feels it.


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