Once I dreamed I could fly...

A ridicolous lifelong dream. But slowly, by believing in it and 200% dedication. I became what I am now...
Don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop the inner child to succeed!

About my crew and myself

Target flying on a high level you can not do alone. You need support. Through the projects, the crew I work with grew. Let me introduce them to you.

Bert Verheye . He is my photographer and good friend. From the first time, the very first picture he took of me, you could see the color of my eyes. His love for photography and his endless patience are unseen.

Florian Springer. My best friend in life, who I met by chance while driving him to a cable car. He becomes my wingman, support member and counsel man for business questions.

Finally, Steven Van Haut. My previous neighbor. He is the off-road taxi driver, support member and leader of the target setup. His optimism, eternal patience and enormous support are the things I respect him greatly for.

The purpose of this website

Along this way, private individuals and companies can book a fly through project.

Life events / promotional material.

Facebook: Sven Ugau

Instagram: sven.ugau

@mail: svenugau@outlook.com

Phone: +32474911487

Flight course

Learn to fly your suit at max speed,
steep angle.

A few people asked me so I am willing to coach them. Also, for wingsuit pilots that want to learn dive hard, build up maximum speed and use this until the finish. Max out your suit helps you to make your faster in the future.

Race and target coaching

This course is only for experienced terrain pilots.

What are you learning?
- The right decision where to place a target.
- Estimate the weather.
- The right materials for targets.
- A totally new style of flying.
- Fly with precision up to 10cm.

Watch video